Dramco Tooling

Advanced Machining and Manufacturing

We manufacture simple and progressive Moulds and Press tools.We manufacture thermo-forming moulds aswell.

Production runs

We have production machinery to run the moulds and press tools we manufacture for metals and plastics

Welcome to Dramco Tooling!

We strive to continually improve and develop. We specialise in injection moulding and Metal Pressing.

Design and Development

We do all stage of tool development to ensure that production is successful. We design, develop, manufacture and do trial and debugging






At Dramco tooling...

We specialise in the design and manufacture of basic and progression tooling for metal components aswell as injection moulds for plastic components.

Our clients include businesses from the motoring, food, medical, housing, sporting goods, education toys, shop displays, municipalities,lighting, packaging and agricultural industries.
Manufacturing is done to the exacting standards required by the motoring industry.

Metal Pressing

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