Dramco Tooling

Tool Manufacturing


Electrodes and other Products

Dramco custom makes all the electrodes required to EDM Spark Erode any part or Job that we are given. We have made a vast range of moulds that have different shapes and profiles. If you wish to enquire feel free to contact us. We accomodate all of our clients by providing ongoing service.

Our Manufacturing Process


We offer the service of design and development of progression tooling for metal components and plastic injection moulding, plastic thermo-forming moulds for plastic components.


Using our Toolroom to build new tools and to fix existing ones. Some of the other services we provide include: Sharpen Dies and Punches, Fix broken Cavities,Make new Parts.


In our Press and Plastic Shop we have a range of injection moulders and Presses to run small and large production runs, to produce metal and plastic components


Once the tools are completed, We run sample trials from the tools in our plastic and press shop. We check for any flaws on the components and then we debug and validate the errors.