Dramco Tooling

The Community

We try help and support the community the best we can. We help those less fortunate and also provide a safe place for students to learn practically about tool making.

Constant learning and growth

We teach one another and we learn from one another.We support each other and work as a team


Our Contribution to the Community

Student Internships

Dramco takes small steps to try and give back to the community and will continue to do so in future. We share our knowledge by taking on students from various places to teach and train them.

We take students from Northlink College, as well as the National Tooling Initiative's student training programme, to teach the trade in a practical work environment as well as donate old machinery to the college. We also support smaller local businesses that employ physically challenged individuals.

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Ongoing Improvement

Dramco has always been a member of the Toolmaking Association of SA (TASA). This organisation also attempts to be proactive in countering the number of imports of tools from China and India.

Management believes in continuous training and development as part of an effort to improve staff skills and efficiency and therefore have undertaken improvement projects through Swisscontact, SAIBL, Hlumisa, the Productivity SA and Saal Automation.

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