Dramco Tooling

Our Toolroom

We have CNC Milling Machines to ensure great accuracy and speed.

CNC Machining and Production

We run production on our CNC Machines and Manufacture moulds and Press tools. We also manufacture custom parts and Do maintenance on press tools and Moulds.

EDM Wire and Spark Erosion

We are able to do EDM production and also use it for Die and Punch Cutting and Mould Inserts.

Our Facilities

We have the following machines in our toolroom:

The machinery is a mixture of old and new. Dramco continuously improves its quality to a measurable world class scale. This would stand it in good stead with the automotive companies, who expect exacting standards. Therefore, the company is in the process of re-implementing ISI 9001:2008 management standard.

We have the following software in our toolroom: